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ARMA offers authentic Balinese traditional cultural workshops to enhance and enrich your experience of Bali through deeper understanding of its arts and culture. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced - learn from a master! Entertainment: ARMA Open Stage offers you first-rate dance and theatre attractions with regular weekly cultural performances.

Balinese Dance
This lecture provides basic information concerning the traditional dance within the ritual context.Two of the most famous dancers in Bali will demonstrate the particular movements and the attending steps. Afterwards, the participants will given the opportunity to learn and practice the dance by themselves.

Women will learn some features of the Panyembrahma welcome dance, and the men learn some basic movements of Baris warrior dance.

Offering Making
This is a day of creative fun and education. The participant will learn to make offerings from coloured dough, carved leaves and bamboo. They will also learn the meaning of the daily offerings and how to perform them.

Wood Carving
In this hands-on workshop participants are introduced to some of the basic concepts behind modeling objects in wood. You will become acquainted with the necessary tools and learn basic carving techniques. Under the watchful eye of an instructor, each person will carve a simple object out of the participant. All tools and materials are provided.

Traditional Balinese Architecture
The building of house in Bali is integral to Hinduism. Nothing is left to chance. Everything has meaning. Learn how the traditioanl Balinese houses are designed and built.

Basket Weaving
Balinese woven basket with a very unique way. From day to day Balinese artists are always creating something interesting and never out of beauty. Various shapes and patterns can be created at any time. You certainly can not miss this experience. So, please come at the ARMA Museum, Ubud. Because of our excellent instructors are always ready to teach you, how to find the uniqueness through this workshop.





Balinese Music (Gamelan)

In this 3 hour workshop the group will learn about the history of gamelan, the use of gamelan in the village context, and a demonstration by master musicians and a demonstration by master musicians. The participants will then get an opportunity to play the instruments and learn to play a short piece.

Balinese Cooking

A selection of fascinating traditional Balinese dishes are demonstrated, with participants preparing enough food for their own lunch. The group are taught to eat native style, with the hand or so-called pakai tangan.

A comprehensive set of recipes are given out with step-by-step instructions on reproducing these delicious spicy dishes in your own kitchen.

Balinese Batik
This is a workshop where participants will learn about many features of Balinese batik, foremost of which are its form, motifs, techniques used, and its history. An interesting hint is to compare and find the difference between the motifs unique to Balinese batik and those motifs representative of the Javanese batik for instructive reference. In this workshop, each participant will receive a set of utensils and try to make a piece of Balinese batik.

Hinduism in Bali
An in-depth lecture provides insight into the unique brand of Hinduism practiced on Bali. You will learn about the religious rituals and ceremonies that are evident all over the island. The creation of a large ceremonial offering will serve as a demostration for participants to learn how to make thier own offering

Painting Class
This workshop is exclusively designed to introduce the participant to Balinese painting. They will get individual instruction and produce a painting of their own, to meet their own satisfaction. This attraction should be noteworthy in your itinery.


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